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Maybe I'm just weird, but does anyone else have mixed feelings about wearing shorts? Maybe it's because it's hard to find shorts that look remotely flattering for my body type, but I really don't wear shorts unless it's 80+ degrees. I do wear basketball shorts around the house and for the occasional errand, but

I just found out there's a new thriller/art heist movie starring my man James McAvoy that came out today. Damn, I hope it plays in my town at some point.

Blergh. My girlfriend's Chihuahua and my cat have always played kind of rough with each other — the dog nips at the cat's face, the cat swats at the dog — but it seems to have gotten even rougher in the past few weeks. To be honest, I'm not that worried about the cat because he's big and furry, plus he has all of his

I just came back from seeing an ear, nose and throat doctor, and he recommended I get a sleep test done at the hospital. Have any of you had a sleep test before? What's it like? What should I expect? I can't remember the last time I was at a hospital for more than a few hours, and I can't imagine sleeping comfortably

After years of not caring, or not caring until August, I'm suddenly into baseball again. I don't why this forgotten passion came back, but I'm rolling with it. Go Cardinals!

Naturally, as soon as I have a job (albeit a temp one), employers start calling me about interviews. Where were the calls during the first 2.5 months of my unemployment? Sheesh.

So apparently today some college basketball player sustained a double compound fracture in his lower leg during a tournament game. What exactly does that mean? I'm too afraid to Google it because I'm picturing bones poking through flesh.

I had Easter lunch with my girlfriend's extended family today, and I still can't get over how nice her grandfather is. Most of the people in my gf's family are pretty conservative, and I'm always somewhat wary of how I'll be received at gatherings. When we walked into her grandparents' house today, her grandfather

I just came back from having Easter lunch with my girlfriend's family. One of her cousins slipped her a primo nug of weed as we were walking out the door. Oh yeah!

Legislators in Kansas are working on a bill that would require people with AIDS or who are HIV+ to be isolated from the general population. *facepalm*

I just figured out that I'm growing okra that is supposed to mature and put out pods in just under two months. I bought the seeds because the variety is suitable for container growing, but it won't be okra weather here, i.e. hot and humid, until at least late June or early July. Fuck.